I’m so simple…

Im such a simple person. I see post about how people say that they are happy but deep down inside they’re not? Why do they say that? Cant someone just say they’re happy? Its like they make everything so complicating that it just all gets you confused.. Can’t everyone be simple?… sigh..

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Although she might be the prettiest girl you have ever laid your eyes on, remember that someone is probably fighting to get that same girl.

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I’m so confused.. something please happen show me that i’m not wrong.. man this is crazy!

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I think..

I think i’ve totally fallen for someone.. So early, yet such a great feeling. [: I just hope she feels the same.. 

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Even though you’re with someone else rather then myself, i’m happy for you? I don’t know why though? Shouldn’t I feel disappointed that you’re with someone else? Maybe it’s a chance for me to show you that if he ever fucks up, I can be here to tell you that you’re gonna be okay. Maybe i’m not disappointed cause I get a chance to show you that i’ll never make you feel like total shit? I don’t know? It’s just so odd that I feel happy for you? Or is this jealousy?..

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Relationship now-a-days aren’t the same anymore. When you think of a relationship you’d think like dates, surprises,just all the little things, but instead they’re more about sex then anything else. I just don’t understand why they would need sex at such a young age. Maybe if they wait it till they’re older it would feel much more special. Oh well, when I find that one person who isn’t into sex then I will make them the happiest person in the world.

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